HeartTalk - Linde Rose
M.Hlth. Sc. (Hons). MNZAP

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My specialist areas are: relationship and communication issues, family secrets, difficult family dynamics, anxiety, depression, loss/life transitions, sexual abuse and eating issues.

I offer a confidential, professional, compassionate and relational process for individuals, which will lead to clarity, direction and a renewed sense of aliveness, connection and freedom.

I consider it a privileged to be able to engage with people on a deep reflective level about their lives. I know that , although it can seem frightening at first, most people find having a safe, supportive, non-judgmental place in which to explore, understand and resolve difficulties, highly rewarding.

I work in both a psychodynamic way, (which means making sense of how your past experiences have laid the foundations of how you feel, react and think about things in the present ) as well as bring a Jungian/ Transpersonal perspective that views life as a journey of the soul.

In my own journey I have traveled widely, dabbled in theatre and studied many spiritual philosophies as done my own depth therapy. I also have my own art practice.

Contact: Linde Rose
Ph: 09 849 3953 / 027 440 6331
Pt Chevalier. Auckland.

Qualifications , Experience and Training:

  • I have been in private practice for 28 years and my experience is broad and varied.
    I have worked with people from many cultures, ages, sexual identities and preferences.
    My experience also includes group facilitation, tutoring and supervision in therapeutic communities and counselling/therapy training programs in London and at the Auckland University of Techn
  • My approach is Psychodynamic and Jungian/Transpersonal. I trained in psychoanalytic and Jungian / Transpersonal therapy in London. (The latter at Re-vision).
    I also use C.A.T. (Cognitive Analytical Therapy) for shorter term solutions.

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Contact me at:
09 849 3953
027 440 6331

Read some of the poetry that I feel expresses the essence of human nature and struggle.














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