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M.Hlth. Sc. (Hons).  MNZAP

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For understanding, insight and empowerment


Heart Talk

Heart Talk is a process of Compassionate Inquiry that pays attention to what is really happening for you on a heart level.

Sometimes life doesn't pan out the way we expected and things seem to be going wrong. This may be very distressing but also challenges us to re-look at life as a journey and find ways of understanding what is happening - not as a failure or something to be ashamed of , but as the emergence of unconscious forces or old patterns, which also bring opportunities to know ourselves and acknowledge our life's truths.

However, it's not always clear where we are going. Talking from the heart with an empathetic yet objective person can help you understand what is happening on levels that you may not have thought of - and so enable you to find new meaning and direction, communicate better, as well as work through old patterns.

Contact: Linde Rose
Ph: 09 849 3953 / 027 440 6331
Email: linderose@hearttalk.nz
Pt Chevalier. Auckland.

I can help you :

Change old life patterns.

Overcome disillusionment, depression or anxiety.

Deal with overwhelming feelings that may arise in crisis, trauma or loss.

Express yourself more fully and truthfully in relationships.

Face the fear and anxiety that comes with life changes.

Find spiritual meaning and purpose in life.

Understand your inner-world and emotional process.

Find constructive ways of dealing with anger and conflict.

Come to terms with grief and loss.

Heal the effects of abuse.

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I provide a compassionate understanding of feelings and experiences which will enable you to talk about things that may have seemed frightening or shameful and may have become "family secrets".

My approach is both Psychodynamic and Jungian/Transpersonal.
I also use Cognitive Anaytical Therapy for shorter term solutions.

The freedom and insights that come from Heart Talk will lead to clarity, direction and the confidence to make creative changes in your life which will bring a sense of aliveness and empowerment.

"Our listening creates a sanctuary for the homeless parts within another person." Rachel Naomi Remen


























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